established in 2018

Welcome to Sixty Chapel. We are glad you are here. We're glad we're here. While we opened our doors in Spring of 2018, Sixty Chapel has been a project in the making for over a decade. Having worked alongside each other in the Wedding and Events Industry in San Francisco for over 12 years, my husband Willy and I have seen hundreds of events and weddings (not being facetious) and had worked with thousands more (again, no joke). Needless to say, we had seen that with every event we attended the vendors and the guests alike seemed to be going through the motions. 

When we decided to get married in 2013, we knew we couldn't rationalize spending money, time, or energy on a wedding that didn't speak to us as a couple or as creatives. We ended up getting married at a nontraditional location which enabled us to create our wedding from scratch. With the help of lots of amazing friends and family, we made everything from the benches to the tables, and all of the decor. We arranged the flowers, hung all of the lighting, excavated land, and worked to create something that was truly us. 

It is our mission to offer brides, grooms, corporate clients and families the opportunity to have an event that is stamped with their own creativity. And for those who would like to take a more relaxed approach, we will gladly get creative for you.  We don't want your event to be like anything you have ever seen before, but rather more than you could have ever dreamed. We want you to look back on your event for years to come with pride and esteem. 

Additionally, we wanted to offer a space that would allow guests to sit and stay awhile. We thought it so silly that most weddings go by in a blink of an eye. At Sixty Chapel, we offer a truly unique experience for clients and guests to be on the property and enjoy nature the days leading up to their event and the days following. We want to encourage guests to actually visit with their friends and family that have traveled from near and far to celebrate.

All that being said, Willy and I searched high and low for a property that would enable us to do all of the above. Idaho, however, was not on our radar. It wasn't until Willy's parents, Lynn and Bill Owens, followed their calling to Idaho to be closer to both of their kids and all four of their grandkids that we considered Idaho as a possibility. In their search for a home, they found Sixty Chapel, and there was no turning back for any of us. The views, the land, the energy- it was all just too wonderful to pass up. However, Willy and I also knew that a ranch this size would take more than our city-slicker expertise. We needed a true cowboy and cowgirl to run and maintain the fifty acres of property. We needed someone who knew how to till the land, tend to the garden, feed the horses, and enjoy the wildflowers. Coming from Montana, Lynn and Bill, were just the two to do so. We enthusiastically made it a family endeavor. Lynn and Bill relocated to Sixty Chapel and made it their permanent residence so they could be the Ranch Hands while Willy and I had more time to create and run the business side of things. More than that however, it allowed us to be closer as a family and enjoy time together.

If you aren't able, or willing to start a business with your in-laws, we encourage you to visit with them at our property. If you need time away from family, we are here for that too. Whatever the occasion may be, we would love to offer you a place to be and space to breathe. 

Again, welcome to Sixty Chapel.

-- Alex, Willy, our two little ladies, Lynn and Bill Owens